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FoNESP Achievements

Although the pool looks the same inside and out (and we know much work is needed to improve both), FoNESP have overseen a quiet revolution of the infrastructure that supports the pool, as well as improvements in health and safety. Here’s what we have achieved since taking over in 2019: 
  • Installed a pool cover

  • Replaced the building air handling unit

  • Replaced the boilers

  • Installed a building management system

  • Replaced the pool water chemical control unit

  • Installed a pool water flow meter

  • Installed extra pressure gauges on pool water pipework

  • Replaced the chlorine dosing unit

  • Replaced the pool water heating unit

  • Installed PAC dosing

  • Installed a building alarm

  • Installed an emergency alarm in the plant room

  • Introduced lone worker protection

  • Installed CCTV

  • Replaced radiators and taps in changing rooms

  • Replaced male showers

  • Separated storage of acid & chlorine into separate units

  • Installed blinds of poolside windows

  • Installed a new electric disabled hoist

  • Adopted use of a walk-behind cleaner

  • Replaced dilapidated equipment cupboards with a single, storage cupboard

  • Removed rusty and dilapidated lockers

  • Pool plant service and inspections implemented twice yearly 

  • Implemented annual balance tank inspections

  • Documented all plant room processes

  • Implemented risk assessments

  • Converted a cupboard in the male changing room into a private cubicle

  • Implemented Microsoft 365 for electronic storage of administrative files

  • Adopted electronic recording of pool water test results (we used paper at the start)

  • Replaced the dilapidated gas meter cover

  • Installed pool-side security gates

  • Installed automatic air release on the filters

None of the above would have been possible without the generous support of many organisations and individuals to whom we are hugely grateful.
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